Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual. But fortunately, for Single Mom Defined members, it comes with a tribe! Tonight at 9 PM EST, we’re launching #TuesdayTip, a weekly live chat in our private Facebook group. Real moms are giving real advice about single parenting. They’ll give you tips on everything from self-care and kids to co-parenting and dating. They’ve been there, done that, and learned lessons along the way. They’ll share stories and ways to not make the same mistakes.

Here’s How You Can Join the Conversation:

1. Join the Facebook Group

Hundreds of single moms are coming together to seek advice, share stories, uplift others and make new friends in our private Facebook group.

This group is open to ALL single moms, no matter their race, religion or location. In-person events, including photo and video shoots, are based in Pittsburgh however. But don’t worry, we’re expanding to cities like Detroit and Philadelphia. Plus, we host virtual meetups, like these Facebook live chats and webinars. Want to know what moms think about the group? Read this!

2. Join the Conversation

Our members aren’t Facebook creepers! lol They’re friends! They don’t scroll past posts or click through pictures. They stop to like, comment and spark conversations. If you have something valuable to share, sign up to host a live chat! We work to create a platform where moms voices are elevated. You will be heard. You will be listened to. Each Tuesday morning, we issue a call for #TuesdayTip hosts. Sign up if you have wise words to share!

3. Follow the Rules

We have a few house rules. Be sure to follow to avoid eviction.

Our Community Values:
✨Help Moms: Posts should relate to single moms (i.e. self-care, moms, kids, co-parenting, custody, child support, financial growth, relationships). Irrelevant content will be removed. Inappropriate content and user will be removed. (i.e. profanity, pornography, cash app and go fund me requests) Vent, uplift, inform & inspire!

✨Connect Moms: Connect moms to information and resources to help them not only survive but also thrive.

✨Protect Moms: Although we’re making public posts, we’re treating this information as private conversations with friends. We would never screenshot a DM from a friend, send it to her child’s father or spread her business beyond the secret zone. We would never put a friend at risk—some moms are single moms because they left abusive boyfriends!

✨Understand Moms: This group grew from an art exhibition launched at the Three Rivers Arts Festival. Our photo essay and video series provide a much more accurate definition of single black motherhood than the one society presents. Often, when single Black mothers are discussed, we are crammed into the same stereotypical storyline when in fact we each took different paths to parenthood. If you are not a woman of color, we ask that you seek to understand this dynamic and support the promotion of positive images of black families.

✨Respect Moms (and Dads): Follow the golden rule, and be nice to others. That doesn’t mean you can’t be honest. It just means you can’t curse someone out or put them down. We extend this respect to dads. You, of course, can vent, but we’re anti-dad bashing. We promote positive co-parenting, even if it’s with a difficult ex. We work to achieve healing from traumatic pasts, but understand some will never achieve a positive relationship with an ex. You can share your story, but know, we won’t let you stay stuck in a negative place for long—we can control our behaviors, not the dads:) We’re here to collaborate not compete or compare struggles. So don’t say you’re more of a single mom than someone else. We’re in this thing together!

Hope to see you in the group tonight at nine!