Imagine if you Googled yourself and horrible things popped up on your screen, saying you are damaged goods, selfish and irresponsible. How would it shape your identity, impact your self-esteem or form others’ opinions about you? Well, that’s what happened when I typed Single Black Moms into the search bar. I immediately wanted to bang on Google’s door, since it has an office right here in Pittsburgh. Instead, I decided to take control of the narrative and elevate the voices of the amazing single black mothers in my circle and in my community.

We define who we are, not society.

Our children should also be heard. So we asked more than 100 kids to describe their mothers, and they used words like inspiring, kind, phenomenal and affectionate. My daughter said I was awesome!  We believe the S placed on our chest by society should stand for self-care, not superhero. Although we are strong enough to raise children alone, many are (or want to be) surrounded by a village of supporters, including our children’s fathers. Until a more accurate definition of single black motherhood replaces the stereotypical storyline society presents, we will continue to speak our truths through this traveling art exhibit. xoxo Heather Hopson, Single Mom Defined Founder

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Motor Mouth Multimedia Producers: Graphic Designers Kyle Barnes and Carmen Cardoza and Photographer Robert Waters

Editors: Alonna Carter, Jewel Hopson, Teresa Hunt, Farah Middleton, Kara Obayga, Jamilla Rice, Sonya Singleton, Diamonte Walker