Single mothers are strong, resilient, and brave. Every day they take on life the best way they can to support themselves and their children. Single Mom Defined is on a mission to eliminate the stigma of single motherhood. We strive to amplify all single mothers no matter where they are on their journey. There is a movement within the online and influencer space of single moms sharing their stories and sharing advice and tips that empower other single moms. Here is a list of some of our top black single mom blogs to follow.

Top Black Single Mom Blogs

Single Black Motherhood

Kim is a lifestyle blogger and podcaster sharing her single mom story as a mom to an 8-year-old. After having her daughter, she decided to continue her degree while holding two jobs. Along the way, Kim started listening to podcasts and reading blogs by other single moms. She realized a void in the space and launched her platform to fill the void of millennial black single moms sharing their stories to inspire other black single moms. Kim shares daily life and financial tips. 

Single Black Motherhood

NYC Single Mom 

NYC Single Mom was founded by Linda Grant, who is a single mom by choice (by adoption) to a now teenage daughter. Linda is a marketing executive, content creator, and brand ambassador. Born in Japan, she currently resides in NYC but has also lived abroad in Italy and France. Linda shares her life as a single mom and is writing a book about her adoption experience. 

NYC Single Mom

Sophie-sticated Mom 

Dr. Sophie is a single mom who is a nationally certified counselor. She has “gone through some things,” and as a result, her goal is to help other moms turn the sour lemons in their life into sweet lemonade through spiritual transformational coaching. She shares everyday single mom life, relationships, beauty, and more from a Christian-based perspective on her site and her podcast. 

Kaywanda Lamb

Kaywanda Lamb decided to raise her children as a single mom when they were 2 and 2 months old. She is a successful blogger, speaker, and author. Kaywanda shares tips on thriving as a single mom and hosts the luxury Brunch and Love series for single moms across the U.S. 

Single Moms Planet 

Single Moms Planet offers single moms programs, including financial literacy, family activities, mentorship, and more. Nefertiti Plessy and Cole Patterson founded Single Mom Planet to end the poverty cycle for single-mom-led families. 

Single Moms Planet

Nakisha Wynn

Nakisha started sharing her blog to share her joys and challenges as a single mom. With a degree in Public Relations and a background in financial services, Nakisha shares tips and advice on working from home and creating online businesses. As a content creator, Nakisha shares mom life hacks and household management tips to show single moms that they are not alone and that they can thrive as moms and business owners. 

Single Black Mom Blogger Nakisha Wynn

Rich Single Momma 

As a veteran single mom, Samantha is focused on helping other single moms thrive through financial literacy, making money, parenting without guilt, and creating the life they deserve. She runs the “Hello Prosperity” VIP club and shares resources, including budgeting worksheets. 

Rich Single Mom

This list will continue to grow. Share your favorite single mom blogs and influencers that inspire you with us. Want more inspiration for starting a business as a single mom? Check out these 5 Tips For Becoming A Successful Single Mom Entrepreneur.