When we think about TV moms we love, there is one who always comes to mind as the consummate example: Clair Huxtable. Clair was an attorney, wife, and mom who ruled her house with a no-nonsense approach that combined compassion and quick wit. She made us both want to have a mom like her and be just like her when we became moms ourselves. But if Clair is not who you relate to, then what tv mom are you?

Now that we are moms, we still love what we learned watching Clair parent her kids through everything from academic challenges to heartbreak. But we might also see ourselves slightly differently. We are still helping our kids deal with human issues like bullying, self-esteem, and sibling relationships. And we also have to guide them through modern challenges like the internet and social media, as well as gender identity and sexuality. So are our current experiences mirrored in this new generation of TV moms? Can we see ourselves in them and find community among other moms who also relate to them? 

Keep reading to see which moms you identify with and who your children might compare you to when they grow up.

What TV mom are you? Read the description of some of America's favorite tv moms then pick the one that you think is you.What TV Mom Are You? 

Beth Pearson, This Is Us

You might be a Beth if: 

  • You’ve worked hard to move from the working class to the middle class and give your kids a life you couldn’t experience.
  • You work hard to maintain a calm, gentle, and eloquent composure, even when upset, choosing to think things through before you act.
  • In your opinion, it’s not just biology that makes up a family; you’re open to bringing other children into your family through fostering or adoption. 
  • You’re the rock that keeps your family grounded.

Georgia, Ginny & Georgia

You might be a Georgia if:

  • You are a single mom of multiple children.
  • You are open about the complexities of raising a biracial child.
  • You are still youthful and not afraid to act and dress like it.
  • You are resourceful and willing to do almost anything to ensure your family’s security.

Lillian Williams, The Wonder Years

You might be a Lillian if:

  • You are wise and “sharp as a tack” at picking up on everything going on with your family members.
  • You always know the right things to say at the right times to help your kids (or your partner) navigate difficult situations.
  • You are organized and efficient, and your home always looks impeccable.
  • Your motto is “Family first!”

Lisa Todd Wexley (LTW), And Just Like That

You might be an LTW if:

  • You love your career and family equally and work hard to be at your best for both.
  • You are married or partnered but still adamant about maintaining your independence, and you model a feminist approach to life for your daughter.
  • You’re “the cool mom” at school, beloved by the kids and the parents alike.
  • You are impeccably dressed while doing it all!

Mia Warren, Little Fires Everywhere

You might be a Mia if:

  • You are secure in who you are as a person.
  • You are fiercely protective of your child.
  • You have such a big heart that you become a mother figure to others around you, offering advice and support for those who need it.
  • You care deeply and will get involved in situations where you feel you are needed, even if others think you should refrain.

Queen Charlotte, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

  • You are a caregiver to someone like a parent or spouse in addition to your children.
  • You never stop having faith in your children’s potential, even if it takes them a while to recognize their own capabilities.
  • You must maintain your sense of self, continue nurturing your interests, and maintain close relationships with your girlfriends.
  • If a seasonal event or holiday is coming up, you’re going to decorate in style and bring all your friends and family together to celebrate.

Rainbow (Bow) Johnson, Black-ish

You might be a Bow if:

  • You have achieved extraordinary career success and continue to set a high bar for yourself.
  • You are not afraid to encourage independence in your children while being a nurturing presence when they need it.
  • You can keep a sense of humor even when life is most stressful.
  • You value extended family and are comfortable living in a multigenerational household.

Regina Upshaw, The Upshaws

You might be a Regina if: 

  • You are the no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is person in your kids’ life.
  • You make sure your kids show gratitude and don’t take anything they have for granted.
  • You are determined not to let your circumstances define you, and you put all your effort into growing as a person and in your career.
  • You are super resourceful and believe that everything is recyclable and can be used again!

Vivian Banks, Bel-Air

You might be a Vivian if:

  • You are strong, smart and prefer to embrace your layered personality rather than fit into a box.
  • You are willing to sacrifice temporarily for the good of your family but will always remember to return to your personal goals and interests. 
  • You are the family mediator, calming arguments and disagreements between your kids.
  • You are willing to let your kids experiment and try and fail, and you’re there to pick them up afterward if needed.

So, what TV mom are you? Is there one TV mom you feel most aligned with? Or are you a combination of more than one?