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By: Tori Synder

Let’s be honest, balancing time between family and work can be quite challenging. Add to that being a single mom and entrepreneur, and you’ll need a tremendous amount of hard work, sacrifice, and organization to get it all done. The good news is there are resources available to help you juggle the gazillion hats you wear. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Not only do we have successful mompreneurs to tap into, but we also have some useful library resources from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh to help support your business needs and goals. So let’s discuss 5 tips for becoming a successful single mom entrepreneur. 

5 Tips For Becoming A Successful Single Mom Entrepreneur

1. Get Started 

For many of us, getting started can be the hardest part. Taking the first step to start your business can be the most intimidating. This is potentially where the library can be most beneficial on your journey. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is filled with resources to help you learn how to write a business plan, research the marketplace, and register your business. 

I use the library for peace while I work on my business plan, using the computer and printer, and books for resources and inspiration. ~ Regina Brown, The Fine Feather

Regina Brown of FIne Feather Consulting shares how Carnegie Library helps her to thrive as a successful single mom entrepreneur.

If you have a babysitter and time to work alone, you’ll have plenty to do at the library to get your business up and running. You can utilize computers, wifi, printers, research databases and more just to name a few. Get to know the library and book a 1:1 appointment with a librarian for personalized assistance with research for your business. 

2. Connect to a Village

Starting and growing your business can be a lot like raising children, it takes a village to get things done and make things happen. Libraries serve as pillars in the community and can provide opportunities for collaboration and information sharing. One great feature of Carnegie Library is the meeting rooms. Meeting rooms are useful for talking with employees, meet with mentors or pitch future investors. Rae Coleman of Enhanced Creativity uses Carnegie Library for low-cost printing, networking and free events for business owners.

Rae Coleman on using the resources at Carnegie Library for her business. Coupled with many of the other resources the library provides, this could substantially fill in the gaps for what you may be lacking in your pursuit of starting or building your business CLP’s website also points you in the right direction and connects you to community partners and funders, such as Bridgeway Capital, the Diversity Business Resource Center, Kiva and the SBA (Small Business Administration), Pittsburgh District Office.

3. Balance Family and Work

Getting a sitter is not always an option for many mompreneurs. The library is a great place to multi-task because there is always something to do for the whole family.  

Running a business is a challenging task but managing a household as a single parent can be even more difficult. The support services CLP offers help business owners and single parents tremendously. The welcoming and educational environment of the children’s section keeps their attention while I complete business tasks and respond to important emails. You can also check the library’s schedule for children and teen programs that your littles can attend while you handle business. ~Dorisa King, Yoni Steam 412

Dorisa King appreciates the support services and programs for children at the library so she can get work done while there.

4. Attend Events, Workshops & Classes 

Carnegie Library hosts events, workshops and classes throughout the year, including ones aimed at helping small business owners succeed. Attending an event, class or workshop will give you the opportunity to learn new skills, meet other business owners and network with professionals in various fields. A great way to boost confidence and knowledge is to surround yourself with people that are starting out or are successful is 

5. Stay the Course

Even with all the pieces to the puzzle mapped out, the journey to success as a single-mom entrepreneur is paved with wins and losses, triumphs and lessons. 

Never stop believing no matter what the circumstances look like, no matter how challenging, never give up on your dreams. When your children see you pursuing your dreams, it gives them that much more inspiration to pursue their dreams. ~ Mia Isbell, M&M Beauty LLC 

Mia Isbell reminds single moms to never start dreaming when it comes to being an entrepreneur.

Figure out what success looks like to you and your family and work at it! 

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is an amazing institution in the community that can support many of your business needs. The best part is it can also support quality time and learning for your family. As a mompreneur, we know it’s a major balancing act, but you got this! Trust the process. 

How has the Carnegie Library helped you as an entrepreneur?

Author Bio: Struggling with work-life balance, Self-Care Senorita Founder Victoria Snyder, M.Ed, MSLPA, needed more than an occasional vacation or scheduling a day off to be restored. Victoria took matters into her own hands when she became burned out. In July 2019, she founded Self-Care Señorita, a community dedicated to helping people be selfish with their self-care. Additionally, Victoria works at E3 Alliance of Greater Pittsburgh, where she supports equity and inclusion as an ecosystem to build, support, and enhance services and opportunities for small businesses.