Have you ever read someone’s story, whether it was in a book, magazine or social media post, and felt seen or heard? What about your own story? Have your words inspired or motivated moms or made them feel like they weren’t alone? Or, maybe you always wanted to tell your truth but you weren’t sure how. If so, writing is a powerful way to express yourself and empower others. We invite you to join us for our Share Your Story Writing Workshop. 

Single Mom Defined Writing Workshop

What started as a Google search of “single Black mom” turned into an empowering journey of more than 50 mothers and their children. Since 2018, our moms have been rewriting society’s narrative about Black single moms and creating an inclusive, supportive space for all single moms. Words including “damaged goods, trash, and selfish” from that initial Internet search results were replaced with more positive descriptions, like “patient, loving, kind, fun, and amazing” once moms and their children had their say. The writing workshop transformed into the Single Mom Defined art exhibition. 

It also changed people’s perceptions. When the exhibit was unveiled, Single Mom Defined surveyed 500 people who admitted to having negative perceptions about single mothers. After reading the stories and watching the videos, 93% stated they now held positive attitudes toward single mothers. The exhibit inspired an online and in-person initiative to elevate the voices of single mothers and redefine public perspectives.

Join the Share Your Story Writing Workshop presenting by Single Mom Defined. Share Your Story Writing Workshop

You can help us continue to share accurate accounts about single parenting. The Share Your Story Writing Workshops are our latest collaboration with the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. We are excited to welcome back GG Renee to host this two-part writing workshop. The share your story theme is all about elevating single mom voices. Moms that sign up for the workshop will have their first meeting with GG Renee during a virtual session on Sunday, March 12 from 12-1 PM EST on Zoom. During this first session, come with or brainstorm ideas for your piece. GG Renee will teach participants how to put their stories together, from beginning to end.

After the workshop, writers will continue to develop their stories and a check-in with our editor. Then on Saturday, April 15th from 12-2:30 PM at the CLP East Liberty Branch, we’ll meet in-person with GG Renee, who will help writers complete their stories. 

The workshops are open to everyone regardless of writing experience. Our hope is that these workshops are a catalyst for budding writers to share their stories on Single Mom Defined and potentially become regular, paid contributors. Some moms may discover they have a gift for writing and connecting through words that may lead to writing opportunities in their personal or professional lives. 

No matter your writing aspirations, this event is a perfect way to share your story, use writing to heal, and start writing as a self-care practice. Space is limited and registration is required. Click here to reserve your spot in the first Share Your Story Writing Workshop on Zoom. Participants who submit stories will receive a gift card and certificate of completion. 

Our 2021 Writing Workshop

In 2021, we issued another call to moms to share their stories through the Words That Heal Writing Workshops. Many of the participants published their pieces on Single Mom Defined as a way to show other single moms that they are not alone. Guest writers shared their stories, including co-parenting, homelessness to homeownership, non-custodial motherhood, and how single motherhood inspired new careers. Every story shared the challenges and wins many single mothers face without attaching a negative stereotype to any of it.