Searching for a job can be all-consuming. Add in being a mom, and you can imagine how much time it takes between parenting, cooking, and cleaning. Although the start of the year is the best time to land a job, researchers say the summer is the best time to actively search and engage with potential employers before the hiring boom occurs. Here are five tips for busy moms searching for a job, including resources from Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Job & Career Guide

5 Tips For Busy Moms Searching For A Job

Make a Schedule 

Searching for a job takes up a lot of time. You must research, prepare, and interview. Having a set schedule will ensure that you are giving your job search and your family the time they need.  If you have a personal or vacation day to spare, consider using that time to do an intensive search. You can also set up coffee dates with people in your network who may have job leads. If not, you can set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than usual or stay up after your children have gone to bed. If you already have a job, be sure not to search for a new one while at work! Perhaps step away from your office and search during your lunch break. Don’t forget to build in time for self-care. You want to stay upbeat and energized since landing a job can take weeks if not months. Caring for yourself intentionally during that time will help you stay the course. 

Do What You Love

Are you entering the job market for the first time or changing careers? Either way, seeking a job you’re passionate about matters. People that love what they do tend to be happier at work and at home. They have a better work-life balance approach, which is important for everyone, especially moms. You’ll also minimize mom guilt by working within your passion and for a company that aligns with your values. While circumstances may mean you must take a job for other reasons, never stop seeking out what you love. 

Still trying to figure out what you love career-wise? Career Cruising is an electronic resource that offers tests that predict what kind of work you want based on your interests and experience. It also provides information about specific career paths, including education and training requirements and salary and career projections.

5 tips for becoming a successful single mom entrepreneur with Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.Network 

Local to Pittsburgh?, created by the Allegheny Conference, is a site for learning about open positions in and around Pittsburgh and the opportunities the region provides to new and current residents. Researching organizations with open positions is one way to find networking opportunities, such as professional organizations associated with job openings. LinkedIn also allows you to discover networking opportunities within career paths or companies you’re interested in. 


Before you begin your job search, prepare by updating your résumé and brushing up on your interview skills. Continue to prepare while you start your job search by researching positions and companies you are interested in. Knowing about the job and the company will help you make a great impression on the interviewer. PA CareerLink® Pittsburgh/Allegheny County helps with job search, career counseling, resumes, interviewing, and talent matching. They also offer assistance for job seekers that are veterans living with disabilities. All of these services are provided free of charge. 

Be Open About Your Parenting Responsibilities

This tip is for once you land an interview. However, moms should think about their parenting responsibilities beforehand and be prepared to discuss them. Ideally, you want to find a job that aligns with your values and prioritizes families and family obligations. Knowing a company has values that mirror yours will go a long way when discussing your parenting responsibilities during an interview. Research and ask about company policies and best practices regarding work-life balance, family emergencies, and paid family and medical leave. Knowing where your potential employer stands upfront will make the discussion more comfortable. Regardless, it is best to let your responsibilities be known so that it does not become an issue once you start your job. 

Use these 5 tips for busy moms searching for a job and additional resources from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh to help you. See what these mom entrepreneurs had to say about using the library to support their businesses. 

Are there any tips you would add to this list that have helped you in your job search?