Looking for a live chat produced by and for single moms? Join Talk About It Tuesday, a conversation taking place every second Tuesday of the month at 9 PM EST inside Single Mom Defined’s private Facebook group. Our group admins, Farah and Sonya, host the show. Talk About It Tuesday explores everything from money and mom guilt to co-parenting and dating. Real-time conversations happen during this monthly virtual gathering. 

Talk About It Tuesday a monthly conversation hosted by Farah and Sonya. Why Talk About It Tuesday?

Sonya says:

Single Moms want to be part of an adult conversation. As a single mom, your schedule is usually working and having kids. When do you have some downtime to laugh and talk with other single moms? Talk About It Tuesday gives us a chance to let others know we are not alone, and there’s a safe space to talk about whatever is on our minds. 

Farah says:

Why Talk About It Tuesday? Why not? LOL. I wanted to give moms in the group a space to talk with zero judgment. A space where they share thoughts about parenting wins and fails, all while laughing. Moms need a space to unwind and see they are not alone in this journey. Sonya and I met because of this group and have become great friends. We talk about everything, so I decided to open our crazy conversations to the group. 

Talk About It Tuesday, Moms…

Get Together

Farah and Sonya get the chance to start conversations and engage with our moms in a fun and easy way. Moms don’t have to worry about finding a babysitter or getting dressed up to meet up. One thing we know for sure is that friendships form in online communities. We have seen moms come together to form friendships and support systems. They help each other raise their children, all by meeting online.

Feel Connected and Supported 

Our community includes new moms, moms of young adults, and every age in between. Our Facebook group is where single moms ask questions, share resources, and now come hang out one Tuesday a month for a live chat. No matter where you are on your motherhood journey, there is room for you here. 

Laugh or Cry or Both 

Sometimes we need to talk it out. The things that keep us up at night, things that make us mad, things that we need to release. And sometimes, that may lead to emotional moments. Tears of release are always welcome. 

And then there are times someone says something that makes everyone laugh to tears. A crazy date experience, your kids did something funny, or you found yourself laughing at a show, video, or joke you heard. Please bring it to the conversation so we can all laugh too. 

Be Yourself 

During our live chats, you get to be unapologetically yourself. After a long day doing everything single moms do, you get to be just you one Tuesday a month. Just think, “Now I get to take my _____ off and unwind with the mama.” Fill in the blank with anything from your mom cape to your stilettos. 

Come join the Single Mom Defined Facebook community to chat with other single moms. Mother’s Day Conversation

The May 9th show will focus on Mothers and Mother’s Day. What does it mean to be a single mother? Raise a child as a solo parent or co-parent. How to deal with no-show fathers, And dating as a single mother because one of us needs to be on a date this Mother’s Day. 

If you’re a single mom needing community, join us on Facebook and tune in to the next Talk About It Tuesday on May 9th. Tune in for the discussion and see if Sonya still has her Christmas tree up. 

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