Single Dad Pareese Smith is a father of two boys and a truck driver by trade. Pareese loves God and his kids. He writes poetry and performs and loves to create music.

Pareese Smith and his sons for Single Dad Defined. Meet Single Dad Pareese Smith

How did you become a single father? Please share your story. 

I became a single dad by having sex outside of marriage. I have two sons, ages 18 & 8. Currently, I have a positive co-parenting relationship with my youngest son’s mom but not my oldest. My boys usually come over on the weekends. I’ve been stereotyped in life for being a black man. I am a Christian Rap and Spoken Word Minister and have written a spoken word piece about not having my father present in my life and being a better father for my children.

Where can we find your spoken word piece?

Hear My Papa Was A Rolling Stone spoken word piece here.

What’s one word to describe single Black fathers?


What misconceptions do people have about single fathers?

People stereotype black fathers by claiming we don’t take care of, support, or spend time with our children. Not all black fathers

are absent.

Read the Single Dad Defined interview with Pareese Smith. Why is it important to share positive stories about single Black fathers?

Stories of a positive nature about Black fathers encourage other fathers to take steps to change and be positive and active in their children’s lives.

What is the hardest part about being a single father? What is the best?

The hardest part of being a single father is seeing your children making the same mistakes you made, even though you try and warn them.  The best part is teaching my child something new and seeing them achieve it, such as riding a bike, playing a game, swimming, etc.

Why is it important for single fathers to be active in the lives of their children? 

Being active in your child’s life is important because it builds character in you and in your children. Being active also creates a bond with your children that can’t exist otherwise.

Pareese Smith and his boys. Pareese shared his fatherhood story for Single Dad Defined a series dedicated to single Black fathers. What do you and your sons enjoy doing together?

My sons and I enjoy playing video games and making music. We take trips including camping and fishing. We also play board games, mini golf, and go bowling together.

What advice would you give a single mother to help her heal from a bad breakup and have a positive co-parenting relationship with her ex?

Remove how you feel and think about your child first… Don’t allow the past hurt and pain of a failed relationship with the father to hinder how you parent.

What advice do you give other single dads?

If spending time with your children is as important as you say, then humble yourself, apologize for your part, and be consistent in your child’s life.

What do you do for self-care?

For self-care, I enjoy writing, cooking, and always open road therapy (driving).

All thoughts and words shared are that of Single Dad Pareese Smith. Read more of our Single Dad Defined series and stay tuned for more Single Dad stories where we work to combat negative narratives about single parenting and aim to mend relationships between co-parents. 

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