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This week, we’re getting in our last summer adventures before the start of school. Caitlynn’s attending camp at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, and she’s hosting an ice cream social on Sunday. As a single mom who shares custody with her dad, I don’t have much mother-daughter time in July and August. That’s more than fair since she stays with me all year round. But still, I get a bit bummed as I miss out on extended school breaks. I usually bury myself with work until her return. This year, she said, mommy, you should have fun too!

That lifted my spirits and made me remember to take better care of myself. Kidsburgh is also a big pick me up. The website offers endless ideas for family fun all year round. There’s a robust calendar that lists kid-friendly events throughout the region, family guides and a directory of child-serving organizations. Every Maker Monday, the site serves up fun, educational projects for children to create with and without adult supervision. I’ve even shared ideas for families on the website and Pittsburgh’s CBS affiliate, KDKA-TV, with Reporter Kristine Sorensen.

As summer comes to a close, I turn to Kidsburgh once again as a resource to make the back-to-school season stress free. I bookmarked articles, like 5 Back-to-School Power Moves for the best school year ever. We also looked for ways to help other families have the best year. We didn’t have to search for long–Kidsburgh rallied the community and featured nine organizations helping Pittsburgh kids with back-to-school supplies. And we remembered to pick up a couple of gifts for teachers as well, which was prompted by one of my fave YouTubers What’s Up Moms’ Elle Walker surprising a former Pittsburgh teacher with heartfelt gift.

I turned to Single Mom Defined, an online and in-person support group, to ask for advice on making a smooth transition from summer to school. Here’s what moms are telling their kids as they head back to class.


Moms also gave each other advice. Farah instructed moms to say no! She reassured moms that it’s OK if they’re not on every school committee or can’t attend every school event. That they should protect their peace whenever possible and not become overwhelmed or guilty.

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Hey mamas! What other stories do you want to see from Kidsburgh this school year?