The holidays are coming up, and I know some of us moms are wondering what we are supposed to do without our Santa. I’m not just talking about romantically. I’m talking about who will deliver all the gifts this year to our eager and awaiting children. Even though it may seem impossible, there are many ways to make this time of year extra special for your family. Use this list of ways to enjoy the holidays as a solo mom to prepare for the big day. We all deserve a stress-free holiday season full of love.

A guide to enjoy the holidays as a solo mom from Single Mom Defined.

Enjoy The Holidays As A Solo Mom

Save Early

Even though the holidays are at the end of the year, it is best to start saving as soon as they are finished to reduce the stress whenever the time comes. Not only can gifts become expensive, but even the Christmas tree that they go underneath can add up. Set aside a certain amount from each check in a special fund for each child. Even if it’s just $25 per check, that $50 a month can add up to $500-$600 by the end of the year, which is PLENTY for the children to have a good Christmas or whatever is celebrated.

Other Financial Options

Don’t forget about Affirm, which, if you are approved, offers payment plans with your choice of payment period and the option to always pay in full. Afterpay and Klarna are awesome options that do not require approval, so you can split the payment in four and receive the purchases immediately.

Use Your Resources

Fortunately, so many resources exist to help single moms and less fortunate families out! There are turkey, toy drives, and even people who give away Christmas trees. Join your local neighborhood Facebook page and the Single Mom Defined Facebook group. Keep an eye out on grocery store bulletin boards when you go shopping. Search for toy drives or turkey drives in your search bar on Facebook. People sell or give away huge bags of toys and Christmas trees or decorations on Facebook Marketplace. Goodwill is also a fantastic resource for affordable toys that, with good cleaning, are as good as new! If you have an older child, save their toys. Often, they may forget about them, and they can be wrapped up and given to a younger sibling of the same gender. If you attend church, they usually try and help their church community abundantly.

Make A Day Of It

There are different, inexpensive ways to make the holidays special for a day or a weekend. There are light-up experiences that you can drive through for an affordable cost if you have a vehicle. Dollar Tree sells a bunch of make-your-own ornament kits, Christmas decorations, and holiday-themed cookie cutters. You can make Christmas tree-shaped pancakes in the morning with your child. Walmart always sells holiday cookie decorating sets. You can make games out of movies with your children, do a dance move every time a certain character does something familiar for them, or eat a cookie every time you hear a certain word. Local libraries also have storybook readings and many things surrounding the holidays so that you can read and bond with your child while also practicing reading. Local malls often have holiday events as well on special days.

Plan With Your Village

The saying is old but true: raising children requires a village. And having a village if you are a solo mom is necessary. Being a single mom can be incredibly overwhelming and overbearing at times. A child is created by two people, so we often may think, I didn’t make this child by myself, so why am I doing it by myself? Things happen, and even though it’s easier said than done, it’s best to worry about what is in our control. What is in our control is making the best of our circumstances and ensuring that our child/children don’t feel any of the void. Unfortunately, finding another single mom is not difficult, and the community is huge! Pick a day near the holiday and plan a get-together with some friends and their children. There are a bunch of children’s movies centered around the holidays! You can make a themed snack for each movie and wear matching pajamas. You can make holiday-themed baked goods. Have a glass of wine responsibly, if you like, as a way to relax during the gathering. You deserve to enjoy the holiday as well with your child.


Create your own traditions if your family does not have any or if you come from a small or non-existent family. Bake a specific dessert from scratch on the same day every year. Watch the same movie or listen to a holiday playlist you create as a family. Have a gingerbread-building competition or something entirely unique for your family! This creates fun memories with special attention and bonding time with your child so they will not feel any void. It also can create a healthy distraction for yourself and your children.

Santa (If You Celebrate)

If you celebrate Christmas, have a male friend or relative call and check in with your young children from time to time. This does not require any dress up or a trip anywhere but can bring the holiday spirit to your child and a male presence.

Girl, Treat Yourself!

As mentioned before, holiday time can bring all kinds of stress for us solo moms. Emotional, financial, and spiritual stress can plague us and run our spirits down during the holidays. Of course, we pour into our children, but we must also pour into ourselves. Make time to enjoy the holiday season as a solo mom a part of your plan. Buy yourself a few items to open on the holidays. Indulge in all of the yummy food with no guilt. Enjoy a glass of wine with friends. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good and support your journey. Prioritize your own self-care as you take care of your family. Do not stress yourself and force yourself to be around anyone who doesn’t bring you joy because of obligation due to the holidays.

I hope you and your child or children enjoy this time with an abundance of joy and the least amount of stress with the year. What tips do you have to add to this list? How will you enjoy the holidays as a solo mom?