In May, we introduced our meditation series with Lovie Jackson for single moms explaining why meditation is important and the different forms of meditation. This series continues this month with a focus on breathing meditation. The June RISE A Breathing Meditation centers on single moms and how they rise while focusing on breathing. Giving Single Moms space just to breathe and speak life into themselves by quieting their minds and meditating on just how exceptional they are.

Have you ever stopped and realized that you’re holding your breath? Breathing meditations will help you break that cycle, especially if you notice this because you are worried about something. Maybe you need to breathe through a stressful situation or pause and take some time to breathe before continuing on a task.

Why A Breathing Meditation Practice

Reducing stress and anxiety are a few of the benefits of learning how to do breathing meditations.

  • Improve your emotional well-being
  • Increases relaxation
  • Improves the quality of your sleep
  • Improves your cardiovascular health and boosts your immune system
  • Helps with focus

How To Get Started With Breathing Meditations

In this Rise Meditation, Lovie provides words of encouragement, prompts to take deep breaths and shows the practice in action. It is beneficial to learn how to meditate with an instructor. Another thing to keep in mind is that your mind may stray. It is ok to pause, take some deep breaths, and start again. One of the goals in sharing a monthly meditation is for you to do the meditation several times during the month. You can aim for daily practice or even one time each week. Being able to quiet your mind and meditation takes time. Track your progress during the month to see how far you’ve come.

Breathing meditations are one of the simplest ways to get started with meditation because they can be done anywhere at any time. Even a few minutes of focused breathing will make a positive impact on your day.


RISE A Breathing Meditation Transcript

A breathing meditation settles into your most comfortable position whether it be to sit, stand or lie down. Draw your attention to your breath just as it normally occurs in your natural in-breath and out. Breath. If you’re comfortable, safe and choose to do so you may close your eyes or rest them downward or outward rest your hands at Heart Center down by your sides or in your lap and let’s lengthen through our breath.


As we set our intention and exhale to reach deep inside and rise.  Rise and realize I shine with extraordinary Grace, compassion, and love for myself and others.


Continue breathing at a deep self-soothing pace often, we minimize instead of Rise because the voices of our childhood, our experiences in life that have changed who we are, and the many ways society has influenced our sense of self told us that we are not worthy of those things

our hearts desire that we are not enough, we’re too much of this or that, or that we are flawed

breathe deeply as we repeat Our intention today

I Breathe Into My Heart

Mind and spirit the truth that I Rise.  I realize I shine with extraordinary grace, compassion, and love for myself and others.


I am enough just as I am


I am who I am meant to be.


I am whole and complete.


And with each new breath, I am growing and expanding as I Rise to be fully me. Now let’s take five deep and full breaths together, centering our thoughts on how we rise one inhale fully positive energy and exhale self-love just by letting go of your breath into a state of appreciative relaxation.

To inhaling goodness, yes, and exhale into a warm and comforting embrace. Three, inhale acceptance, and as you exhale, let go of any judgment four, inhale health and Clarity and

exhale into serenity five fully inhale desire and achievement and exhale into peace and joy

letting go of all concerns from daily life.

Yes, Breathe.

Now just become aware of your body and feel the space around you. Notice how the space hugs to your shape, notice the feeling of your weight pressing down and see if you can feel the earth below you as if it’s pressing up, supporting you as you rise. 

Grace, compassion, love, and as we continue breathing, notice all the parts of you, the crown of your head, your eyes, your nose, your mouth, your chin, and become aware of your neck and release any tension.

Rise and Relax

Notice your chest and lungs feel your heartbeat pumping with grace, compassion, and love. Shoulders, arms, hands, and fingertips let your loving breath flow down to your belly, your vital organs, pelvis, and hips. You are held even as you deepen the connection to your high and Rising self. Let your awareness go now down to each leg over your knees, breathe and glide all the way down to your feet and to each toe.

You have now become present and attentive to every part of your body. Let us close this breathing meditation by inhaling and exhaling gratitude as we repeat our intention and affirm… 

I Rise

I realize I shine with extraordinary grace, compassion, and love for myself and others


The love, light, truth, and peace in me, see and honor the love, light, truth, and peace in you.