Every New Year’s, I make a resolution to take better care of myself. To join a gym, or rather go to the gym, instead of paying for a membership like it’s a charitable donation. To make doctor’s appointments–not when something goes horribly wrong but to get a physical or routine check-up. To book a spa appointment when I’m not celebrating my birthday or taking a vacation. And every year, I fall short of my expectations. Here we are in mid-March, and I’m not getting very far in my quest to live my best life, without being exhausted. I want to change, one day I will. To help turn self-care into a regular regimen and not just a resolution, I decided to launch the Love Yo’ Self Self Care Challenge!


For the next seven days, I’lll prioritize self-care in my schedule. To help, I picked a partner–my friend Tori over at Self-Care Senorita. We’ll check in via calls, texts or social media messaging. Unfortunately, we can’t connect in person. But our online support is strong! We’re committed to holding each other accountable and adopting daily self-care strategies.


Although my little girl thinks I’m pretty wonderful, I’m not wonder woman. So, I try not to stretch beyond my capacity but instead free up time to take care of myself. Here are some of my self-care strategies.

Take a Bubble Bath

I often dedicate 75 percent of the morning routine to getting my daughter ready for school. Then I take a speedy shower. Try putting the kids to bed, running a hot bath and pouring in bubbles. Set the scene and light a candle or diffuse oils into the atmosphere. Lavender, rose or bergamot are great calming scents.

Read a Book

When I first became a mom, I started a book club during my maternity leave. Once I went back to work, the only books I read were the Bible and illustrated children’s stories. I recently dusted off a romance novel and read a few pages before bedtime. I’m also joining Single Mom Defined’s book club.

Take a Nature Hike

Explore nature, even if it’s right in your backyard. We went on a scavenger hunt with friends–for free–a county park for a fall festival. The next week, we mapped out our own adventure at home.

Stock up on Meds

Once, when my daughter was a baby, I had to head to the pharmacy in the middle of the night in the middle of winter. Now, I take better care of our family by stocking up on things like ginger ale, Saltine crackers and antacids.


How do you juggle work, family and self-care? You can join us! Just follow along in Single Mom Defined’s Facebook group. We’ll share daily blog and social media posts. Plus, we’ll host a nightly live stream Facebook Chat at 9:30 PM EST in our Facebook group and the Facebook Fan Page. Can’t wait to challenge each other to take care of not only our kids but also ourselves!