By: Arnitris Strong

Before we can talk about self-love affirmations, we have to talk about self-love as an action verb…

I stood in front of a class of fourth graders, clutching my prized jewelry box. This wasn’t just any jewelry box, though. When the top was opened, a tiny ballerina would spin around slowly as a beautiful melody played. Right before bed, I’d take off my diamond earrings and place them inside the box each evening. As much as I enjoyed watching the ballerina spin to the song, that wasn’t why it was so special to me. It was special because my grandmother bought it for me. My grandmother was my absolute favorite person in the world. I counted the days until I could visit Miami to see her again. 

As 29 pairs of eyes stared back at me intently, I struggled to find the words to explain why this was so special to me. Instead of explaining why it was special, I held it high above my head and opened it so the melody played. I failed the assignment because I had only shown my object. I hadn’t said anything. 

The same is true of self-love. Deep affection and appreciation for oneself are an action that is only truly effective when it is both shown AND told. If your words and actions don’t align with the love you profess, then you are only lying to yourself. The meaning of self-love clearly states that action is necessary. 

Self-Love Affirmations & Actions

Self-love has become a buzzword lately. But the true meaning extends far beyond spa days and massages. It is a lifestyle. In a world that gives us examples of why we are unworthy almost daily, self-love is our safe space to retreat and replenish our souls. Remember, it is an action. To be completely effective, you must show and tell. Read on for ways to show yourself love, daily. Be sure to download the self-love affirmations to make a plan to tell yourself how beautiful and worthy you are every day.

5 Ways To Take Action On Self-Love Affirmations

Free Your Mind, and the Rest Will Follow 

Everything begins as a thought. Yes, even the life you enjoy today was once a mere thought in your unconscious mind. Our circumstances rise (or fall) to our levels of expectations. If we look for the best in every situation, we will find that. But the opposite is also true. The first step to developing a self-love lifestyle is to create a healthy mindset. Self-love affirmations help you develop a self-love mindset. 

Feel How You Fee

Our emotional health affects every aspect of our lives. When we understand that our emotions are merely teachers – they appear to heal a wound or reveal a deeper truth we can begin exploring them. Taking the time to feel how you feel in the moment without apology also invites others to become comfortable expressing their feelings. 

Friends & Family 

Relationships with our friends and family should be our safe spaces. They should be mirrors reflecting the love that you feel for yourself. Establishing and enforcing healthy boundaries ensures that you are always honored and uplifted. Healthy relationships also leave room to be challenged in the areas needed to become the best version of yourself. 


Everything in your life up until this very moment has conspired to push you into your destiny. Yes, even the situation you just thought of can be used to fashion your desired life. Spiritual practices help give life meaning, find comfort in the struggles, and a blueprint to manifest our dreams. 


Practicing every other area of this self-love checklist would be an exercise in futility if we didn’t include a plan to protect our physical bodies. True self-love is also reflected in how we move our bodies, eat food, and ensure that we get proper sleep. 

Which of these areas do you feel most confident in? Which areas need more practice? Self-love is a journey – we are all striving toward it daily. There is no shame or blame here. We are all in this together. Create a reminder for 1:00 pm daily with one of the affirmations from the list below.  

25 Self-Love Affirmations 


  • I am confident.
  • I am fearless.
  • I am powerful. 
  • I believe in me. 
  • l am creating a life I love.
  • I am exactly where I need to be. 
  • I honor my boundaries.


  • I am worthy of love. 
  • l attract love. 
  • I forgive myself. 
  • I am a priority.
  • I am enough. 
  • I deserve to be cherished and celebrated. 


  • l am strong.
  • l am healthy.
  • I take care of my body.
  • I love and appreciate my one and only body. 


  • I am one of a kind. 
  • I can make my dream life a reality. 
  • I am grateful for the gifts in my life. 
  • I am blessed. 


  • I am creating the life I want. 
  • I am worthy of respect. 
  • I am unaffected by the judgment of others. 
  • I have the strength to rise in the face of adversity.

Please choose one or a few affirmations from this list, and say them aloud daily. Write them down not only where you can see them but write them daily as a focusing practice. Focus on an affirmation while doing a self-love meditation. What self-love affirmations do you say daily?