We are focused on rest for August. As Lovie shares in the Rest Body Scan meditation, we don’t always have to be creating. We also don’t always have to be doing, moving, or committing to things. Do this meditation with the intention of inviting more rest into your life. Rest is a form of self-care.  Mamas, we need it.

REST – A Body Scan Meditation



As Trisha Hersey says in her book, Rest is Resistance a Manifesto. You don’t always have to be creating, doing, and contributing to the world. When you slowly begin to believe and understand your inherent worth, rest becomes possible in many ways.

I invite you to increase your comfort and connection to the present moment. You might lie down on your bed, lay directly on the floor, or on a towel or yoga mat. Ask yourself in what ways you can become more comfortable. Putting a pillow, rolled towel, or block under your knees, or maybe it’s something else.

Now if it feels right for you, allow your eyes to close gently. Your body to melt into your foundation. May you let go of the pressure to do something and let this body scan meditation be an act of resistance you repeat often.

Our collective intention and affirmation is

I Rest

I recline and embrace softness and tranquility. Allow your attention to flow inward. Notice the flow of your breath throughout your body. Find those places where you feel tension, tightness, or stress and breathe into those spaces more ease. Find places where ease exists and breathe into those spaces more softness, tranquility, or peace.

Allow your weight to sink into the points of contact between your body and the ground. Notice,  feel, and soften. Notice, accept, and soften. Deepen your breath as you rest, recline, and embrace softness and tranquility. Slowly bring your attention down to your feet. Notice what your heels feel like against the ground. Wiggle your toes roll your ankles. 

Rest In Acceptance

Notice and accept without judgment. Inhale and exhale. Imagine sending your breath down to your feet, wrapping them in a cozy soft hug. Inhale, and as you do, allow your feet to dissolve in your mind’s eye and exhale. Moving your attention up to your ankles

and calves, knees, and thighs. Thick, thin, or otherwise, observe the sensations in your legs and breathe.

Notice how sensations rise and fall, shift and change from moment to moment. No sensation is permanent, so don’t be afraid. Just be aware on your next out-breath. Allow your legs to dissolve in your mind and move your focus to the sensations in your pelvis and lower back. Soften release, and now gently shift your focus to your belly. If you notice harsh opinions coming up, gently let them go and return to seeing Sensations. Move your attention from the belly to the Mid and upper back. The muscles, temperature, and points where your back is in contact with the textures you’re lying on. Allow yourself the pleasure to rest.


Recline and embrace softness and tranquility. Let your breath flow slowly as you inhale sweetly, bringing awareness to your chest and heart, appreciating your heartbeat. And on the next out-breath, shift to focus on your hands and fingertips.

Channel your breathing into and out of your palms. Feel and embrace the sensations in your hands. Inhale, and as you exhale, let your awareness flow with your breath upward and into your arms. Observe and breathe in more ease. Exhale, release, and soften

continue to breathe as you shift your focus to your neck and then shoulders.

Rest And Release

We carry so much tension in our shoulders, so be with the sensations here. Are your shoulders low and at ease? Is there tightness, stiffness, or holding as you breathe in and out? Let any tension roll away as your shoulders dissolve in your mind’s eye,

then gently guide your attention to your face. Your forehead and your scalp. Observe all the sensations and imagine the movement of the air swirling around your head. All the way down through your body back to your feet, Cooling and calming

as your breath.

Flow in and out and rest as completely as you can. Recline and embrace softness and tranquility. Take one last full deep breath with all the peaceful energy of this practice day.