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Single Mom Defined rewrites society’s narrative about Black single moms and creates an inclusive, supportive space for all single moms.


Imagine if you Googled yourself and horrible search results popped up on your screen, saying you are damaged goods, trash, and selfish. How would it shape your identity, impact your self-esteem or form others’ opinions about you? Well, that’s exactly what happened when Motor Mouth Multimedia Founder and Nationally Award-Winning Writer Heather Hopson typed “Single Black Mom” into the search bar. When negative narratives flooded the page, she turned her anger into action and formed Single Mom Defined, a photo essay and video series. Fifty mothers wrote a more accurate definition of single parenting, and more than 100 children described their moms using words like joyous, kind, phenomenal, and affectionate. When the exhibit was unveiled, Single Mom Defined surveyed 500 people who admitted to having negative perceptions about single mothers. After exiting the exhibit, 93% stated they now held positive attitudes toward single mothers. The exhibit inspired an online and in-person to elevate the voices of single mothers and redefine public perspectives.


SingleMomDefined.com is a top online destination for guidance on single parenting. The website features personal essays and articles on raising children, money management,
health and wellness, co-parenting, and much more. It also includes a comprehensive, interactive resource directory, which arose from a hackathon to help single moms, especially those experiencing poverty, hack life’s problems with technology solutions. Readers can connect in Single Mom Defined’s Facebook group, which consists of 2,000+ members and offers online programming, such as #ResourceWednesdays, #TherapyThursdays, writing workshops and other engaging virtual events. The majority of the group members are mothers between ages 25 and 44, raising one or more children under the age of 18, and residing in Pennsylvania. An additional 25,000+ others across the United States and overseas follow Single Mom Defined’s social media channels.


Single Mom Defined connects mothers to resources, advocacy opportunities, and each other through various in-person activities, including our Advocacy Actions, Babysitting Cooperatives, Book Club, Coin Club, Co-parenting Cookout, Self-Care Squad, Moms Night Off, Solo Mom Group and Writing Workshops.

Partner With Us

Single Mom Defined is a limited liability company (LLC), which works with partners directly or through a fiscal sponsorship at the Women and Girls Foundation. WGF is a 501c3 organization with a mission to achieve equality for women and girls, now and for generations to come.

Single Mom Defined offers countless ways to collaborate! Partners can:

  • Advertise on the Website 
  • Sponsor a Writing Workshop 
  • Sponsor Blog or Social Media Posts
  • Book a Speaker or Panel Discussion
  • Sponsor a Self-Care Squad Activities  
  • Install Single Mom Defined Art Exhibit
  • Support Babysitting Cooperative or Solo Moms Group 
  • Sponsor Moms Night Off Event or Co-Parenting Cookout

Email hello@singlemomdefined.com for partnership details!